Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winter Wonderland

It'd be really easy to just hate the snow - shoveling the walkway, wiping out walking through icy parking lots, and sitting in a freezing cold car, waiting for it to warm up - but it's so beautiful and quiet up here. We're making a real effort to get outside and just enjoy the scenery, despite the freezing cold temps.  

A new drink I've discovered here helps me appreciate the outdoors more: The Dirty Hippie. It's a chai tea, with whole milk and a shot of espresso. It's got everything I like about chai - creamy, sweet, and spicy, with a boost of energy to make me wide-eyed and bushy tailed. YUM.

With this drink clutched in my hand, I'm ready for whatever winter wants to throw at me!

I'm wearing a hat, hoodie, and the hood from my jacket on my head here!

We live really close to Mirror Pond, one of Bend's main tourist attractions. Most of the geese and ducks have migrated for the winter, but for whatever reason, these few are sticking around. They were definitely fluffed up, trying to stay warm, but otherwise were cruising, feeding, and honking at each other like they usually do. 

Mirror Pond, partially frozen over.

We felt bad for the ducks and geese, but they must be used to it!

On another morning, we headed west to Shevlin Park, a pretty huge park on the edge of town. On our way there, we passed lots of cross country skiers and snowshoers...on the sidewalks! Since they don't plow the sidewalks or smaller streets in town (or salt - anywhere), people can easily get around on skis. It's pretty awesome to step outside your house into a ski track.

Mike clutching our hot drinks on our walk through Shevlin Park.

The steep hill we hiked up. Not a soul in sight.

There was so much untouched snow to go tromping through. It's very satisfying to hear the crunch-crunch-crunch while you walk through the trees. Although you can't see the trails or paths that well in the deep snow, you can see the tracks you've made, which makes it pretty easy to get back. 

The view from the top. Trees as far as you can see.

At the rate the snow is falling, Mt Bachelor is going to open right on time!