About Us

Mike and I have been together for almost 10 years and counting. We met in 2006 and were inseparable from pretty much the first week.

Mike is a dreamer and believer. He will keep moseying on, even when the going gets rough. He has a very positive and relaxed spirit. In a way, he's the epitome of the California culture - cheerful, laid back, and easy-going. He loves to skateboard, snowboard, and play with our pets. In fact, he is the reason we have so many pets! He's not allowed to go to the local shelter anymore.

In contrast, I am a Mid-Westerner at heart, and a Taurus in nature. I have a much stronger work ethic, but sometimes I put my head down and keep charging when I should be looking around and just enjoying life. I'm a planner, obsessed with details and super organized. I love making lists, reading, writing, cooking, and crocheting.

Mike gets us trying new things, and I keep us trying them right (instead of haphazardly running off into the wilderness with just a can of beans). Somewhere in between the two of us is the perfect way to live our life - we're prepared, for surprise and adventure. We are a good balance for each other.

As of May 2014, we moved from Los Angeles to Bend, Oregon. We hope that this smaller town, in the middle of vast mountain ranges and forests, will help us slow down and reset - and help us find the next path for our life.