Friday, October 17, 2014

The First Snowfall

The weather here in Bend is getting nippy, and the kitties are spending their days napping in front of the stove (rough life!). 

Keeferton hasn't moved in two days!

When Mt Bachelor posted a pic of the first snow of the season on October 15th, we figured we'd go and see it for ourselves. It's been so long since we lived in snow, that it's now a novelty to us.

Big Willy got us up there in style!

We drove up to Todd Lake, where we'd been just about 7 weeks before, when Mike was in shorts! It was completely dusted in snow.

Mike at the beginning of our walk.

The first thing we discovered, as we stepped out of Big Willy, is that we don't have the right gear. We have parkas appropriate for cold weather in California. We need parkas appropriate for Oregon. And Mike was wearing sneakers! We need insulated, waterproof boots. No wonder people's homes up here have so many closets...

The stream, still flowing - not sure if it freezes over, but I guess I'll find out!

The fog (a.k.a. snow and sleet) gave the lake a slightly eerie look.

We walked around the lake a bit, but came back after about a mile; the snow was still coming down, and it was pretty slippery out there. We passed a couple people, out with their dogs, completely bundled in North Face winter jackets and with trekking poles. Guess we need to get with the program.

Mike risked a fall into the lake (and hypothermia) for this pic!

As we drove towards home and dropped in elevation, the snow disappeared. It isn't sticking past about 5000 feet or so, so we may have a little bit of time to get ourselves ready (Bend is at about 3500 feet elevation). REI is having a "Garage Sale" tomorrow, and you can be sure we'll be first in line to check out the winter gear!