Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Local Living

We've settled into a little bit of a routine finally, and that involves daily operations at SubieTech HQ, and spending time in town and at home. 

We discovered Humm, a local kombucha brewery. Have you ever tried kombucha? I was skeptical, but Humm has a kombucha tasting room, so I got to try it, risk free. Humm combines organic fruit juices and a little CO2 into their kombucha to reduce the alcohol level and tone down the vinegary taste. It's tangy and sort of effervescent. I just love it and I'm on my second growler refill. 

My newly purchased mini-growler and "Hawaii 5-0" flavored kombucha.

Growlers are these glass jugs that you can get filled almost anywhere with craft beers, ciders, and kombucha! Everyone in town has one (or several). 

Mike and I have gone to 3 concerts already at the Les Schwab Amphitheater, and since it's general admission, you can get as close as you want, which is pretty awesome.

Hi, Dave!

The amphitheater is awesome and the grass is cushy and comfy. But next summer, Mike and I are going to make like the locals, float the river, and listen for free! 

The river crowd during the Jack Johnson concert.

We got to cuddle baby bunnies - the lady we buy hay from breeds bunnies. For meat. Eek. But she gives them a good life and lots of love, and even hand picks clover grasses for them to eat. I don't know how she kills and skins them after playing with them. 

A 3 week old meat bunny.

On one of our evening walks, we discovered this local "Little Free Library." It was really well made and I am totally into it. It's up on the top of a pretty big hill, so it's good exercise getting there to drop my books off!

And we've found tons of time to do things like make treats for the bunny, and snuggle with the kitties.

Prepping papaya, bananas, pineapple and mango for the dehydrator.

Prepped heirloom carrots!

This is what the carrots looked like after dehydrating. SJP loves them!

It feels good to spend some down time. As much as we love being outside and exploring, it's so nice to cuddle with our furry children and start to get into a routine. It's now been 6 months since we left Los Angeles and we are finally starting to feel like this is now our hometown.

Mike napping with Grindle.

It's the constant change and opposites - spending time outside, spending time inside, traveling, staying in Bend, camping without conveniences and then enjoying a few luxuries - that makes us appreciate everything we have in our life. We're constantly grateful for what we have. If we ever feel like we're getting stuck in a rut, we up and change our environment.

That being said, since we've been staying home these last couple'll be time to travel again soon!