Monday, December 2, 2013

Life Is Short

We were stunned and saddened this weekend when we found out about Paul Walker's death. Mike is very involved in the racing community with Subarus, and obviously the Fast and the Furious movies are a mainstay with car enthusiasts worldwide. Paul Walker was also an extremely likeable and humble person, and it was devastating to hear about his accident. It happened on Mike's birthday, and really reinforced the ideas we have for our life, and drove home the fact that we should do them immediately.

Lots of people have future plans, grandiose vacations they want to take, and dreams about what they should do with their life. But too often, they can't see a way to make them happen, and then they find excuses as to why they should just keep going as they're going - money, time, whatever. Excuses pile up and they start to feel like valid reasons. It becomes super easy to say "No" to change, when the daily routine provides security.

But Mike and I never want to wake up and feel regret that we didn't "try something when we were younger," or "do it when I had the chance." It's not easy to leave your old life behind and not know how you're going to make ends meet, or what you'll be doing next year. But once you do it, it's like learning any new thing - the new and scary becomes familiar and friendly, and before you know it, you're living a new life.

If Paul Walker's death has reminded us of anything, it's that life is short. You don't know what might happen tomorrow, so you need to do what you wanted to do today. Don't wait.